How many times have you noticed the logo on someone’s shirt or jacket? How many times have you gone into a QSR to find every server wearing a branded t-shirt? With new technology and creative minds, apparel is being used for more than just a logo on a polo shirt. T-shirts with full coverage prints and clever creative can actually draw engagement from customers and further that consumer experience while building relationships.

Corporate apparel programs for employees can build pride and camaraderie during business hours, while consumer apparel becomes a revenue source providing clothing options for sale at retail locations and/or online.

Fetch will work with you to narrow down the appropriate catalog of apparel that fits your system, needs, and budget.


Some common apparel options are: t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, dress shirts, sweaters, outerwear, headwear, corporate, casual, bulk order, duffel bags, golf, aprons and more!