Franchisees are seeing a huge benefit from getting more involved with their local sports teams and community functions. Events are providing a great way for brands to hit the streets and interact with their customers on a new and more personal level. Building those relationships and showing how your brand supports local initiatives will create a lasting impression for new and existing customers alike.

Fetch can help draw attention to your brand, providing everything from event tents to inflatable costumes and characters. We want to help create an environment that is conductive to building those relationships on a local level. Ultimately your brand is built on the work of your locations. By creating a way for your franchisees to stand above the competition, we help them, the system, and you grow.


Events materials can include: Feather banners, table throws, tents, a-frame signs, sidewalk signs, event kits, banners, retractables, inflatables, costumes, coolers, displays, stands, yard signs, and much more!